Welcome to First National Assist

We are all connected to property in a way, whether it’s our home or an investment. No matter what style of property or location, one common thread running through them all is that we all need help when it comes to property.

First National Assist is here to assist you in all things ‘property’ and ‘real estate’. No matter if you are a First home buyer, current owner occupier or investor, it is our role to help you navigate the path of your property and real estate journey. Drawing on the expertise and professionalism of the entire First National Network, we will ensure your property journey is both successful and enjoyable.

How can we Assist you?

Educational Events

The team at First National Assist has been hosting educational events for the past 29 years. Providing high quality educational events has always been at the core of our company culture.

Having the best available information around property is critical to your property journey no matter whether it’s your home or investment. Understanding what is happening in the property market, having a strategy and plan will ensure that your property journey is successful.

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