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The team at First National Assist has been hosting educational events for the past 29 years. Providing high quality educational events has always been at the core of our company culture.

Knowledge is power – Having the best available information around property is critical to your property journey no matter whether it’s your home or investment. Understanding what is happening in the property market, having a strategy and plan will ensure that your property journey is successful.

To assist you further, we provide a Toolbox which includes a range of calculators and guides to help you make smarter decisions when it comes to buying, selling or investing in property.

Upcoming events

What to expect

The Property Market ‘Post election’ and Royal Commissions

If you are like most Australians, you are probably wondering what is going to happen with property market with the government and their new policies around the property and banking industry.   Our home is our largest asset and property investment is the path for most people’s wealth creation.

First National are hosting a series of special event’s where you can come and gain a real insight with helpful information from the experts in property.  This event is open to all the public, with no product placement or sales, just come and enjoy a relaxed evening with complimentary food, drinks and child minding!

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